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– Digital Balance for less Screen Time-

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- Digital Balance for less screen time -

The logo represents the balanced approach to the Internet consumption. The daily use of technology has certainly brought advantages, but unlimited consumption can also have negative consequences. In our everyday lives, we can hardly do without digital products, but we should not underestimate the dangers of this new addiction. Digital Detoxing wants to draw attention to precisely such dangers and thus suggest preventive measures at an early stage. This help is provided by Digital Detox providers from various countries, and we want to make it available to you. You want to share something on this platform? – send us a mail info (at) or check out our LinkedIn or Instagram

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Our logo represents our understanding of digital awareness. The composition consists of the international WIFI sign and an exclamation mark. This combination is meant to define the awareness of our daily internet consumption. Under the motto: “Digital awareness” we want to draw attention to the danger of addiction related to Internet overconsumption. Recognizing a problem is the beginning and we want to present the right solution for you with the right coaches. 

Frequent Questions about Digital Detoxing

Short overview on the topic of Screen Time and keeping digital Balance

Where does Digital Detox come from?

“Digital,” coming from technology, and “detox” as cleansing the body make a combination, which we call Digital Detox. 

Features of Digital Detox?

The first characteristic is intrinsic motivation and thus voluntariness. With a fixed period of time, goals can be set and reviewed. Another characteristic is individuality, as it is about a healthy balance. Thus, Digital Detox is not a ban, but the healthy use of the Internet. 

What can you buy?

Nothing! We are not selling you anything. Our task is to draw attention to an existing problem. At the same time we link to experts so you can get more information and help.

Is it possible to support you?

If you want to support us, you can always send us your experiences, tips, challenges, facts, or information about Digital Detox and info(at) 

What can I find on the website?

We collect information, prepare statistics and present you all coaches/team events/hotels on Digital Detox. We collect the data and the use is free. 

Why are you doing this?

We all shape our future. So our team wants to play a part in this, as we see social and personal skills as an elementary asset. We also want to talk to each other again in the restaurant and not just go there for the photos of the food. 

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