Mental Health

What Digital Detox and mental health have in common.

We wanted to take a closer look at the topic of mental health. What do the experts say about this topic, why is it so important and what can we actively do about it. This topic is so big and important that we can only cover a small part of it. At the end you will find further links to this topic. Please inform yourself in time and if you are looking for help, we recommend the following LINK.

  • What is it?
  • What does the WHO say about it?
  • How can you prevent it?
  • How mental health and digital detox can be linked together?
mental health and digital detox

Health Psychology: How a digital balance can help to live mentally healthier.

What is mental Health?

Life today has become far too fast-paced. We try to meet the demands and expectations of life, to please, to succeed and not risk looking like a failure. This too often leads us to become more and more disconnected from ourselves. The term "mental health" (explained by the WHO - World Health Organization) focuses on the well-being of a person. This well-being stands for a healthy way of dealing with stress at work and in private life. In this way, people should be able to make full use of their abilities. The positive state of health of a person should thereby strengthen society and combat problems at a good time.

What to do when your own mental health is affected?

In the case of a mental health disorder, experts speak of a "mental disorder". If you have a problem with your psychiatric health, you should seek help from a psychologist. This person can then help by talking to you. Another way is to turn to a family member and ask them for help. Such disorders are usually evident through emotions or in a change in human behavior. Some examples of mental disorders can be depression, anxiety disorders, psychosis and social behaviors.

What influences must our mental health withstand?

According to WHO, our psyche must withstand three points: the individual characteristics, such as one's own emotional intelligence, and the given genetic characteristics and prerequisites. The second point is the social conditions. These define social interaction and communicative exchange with other people. We find this social component in our own household, in our working life and in social acquaintances. Increasingly, these social exchanges take place on the Internet. The third point is the environmental factors, which are shaped by faith, culture, politics and the economy. All three points are interrelated and act iteratively (repetitively) with each other. For this reason, all three points are examined in the case of conspicuousness.

Why mental disorders need more public attention?

It can affect anyone and the disease can massively affect the human body. Studies show that people with a mental disorder die 20 years earlier on average (suicide is often cited as an example). According to the WHO, for this reason, human health is the most important challenge of the next decade. Unfortunately, this disease pattern has been steadily increasing for several years and to date there is no end to this trend.

What is the connection between psychiatric health and Digital Detox?

Many causes of mental illness can be traced back to stress, lack of social interaction and depression. All of the above are parts of Digital Detox and are stimulated and trained. Prevention is a crucial factor in this. Digital Detox coaches, team events and Detox hotels have already specialized in this prevention. The importance of the link between the digital world and mental health can be cited as an example by the Australian government. The Australians have already made a link between digital interaction and the human psyche by specifically providing a "Digital mental health Service" for the population. Through this, mental health has been linked to digital consumption. With this service, the Australian government is pointing to upcoming challenges. The healthy human psyche is dependent on healthy internet consumption, and this explains the link between mental health and digital detox. For more definitions, we have created a dictionary, which you can find HERE.

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