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Julie has had her own experience with electrosensitivity and has since studied the different sources of radiation. Solutions for improvements of the complaints are very individual. In doing so, Julie tries to find discomfort, reduce it and thereby enable a healthier life. Our team first wanted to know what does it mean to be electrosensitive and how do I recognize the symptoms. 

What does electrosensitive actually mean? Let´s ask an expert in January 2022.


1. Electrosensitive? What is electrosensitivity actually? 

In every living being, i.e. in animals as well as in us humans, there are electrical currents. They are essential, for example, for the transmission of stimuli and all metabolic processes. Also, our earth has an electric field and supplies us with natural energy.

In contrast, our body is enormously disturbed by all artificial electromagnetic fields (EMF) of e.g. WLAN, cell phone, Bluetooth, and Co. Therefore, in principle, all living beings are electrosensitive.
This can best be explained by the following metaphor: We all know that apples are healthy because they supply our bodies with vital natural substances such as vitamin C and secondary plant substances.
However, if instead of apples we were to eat these “sour apple rings” made of gelatine and lots of sugar every day, this would of course be anything but healthy. On the contrary, it would even harm our bodies.
Transferred to electromagnetic fields the “sour apple rings” stand for the artificial radiation of e.g. smartphones and the apples from the farm for the natural earth energy, with which we refuel ourselves if we e.g. run barefoot on the beach or lie in the bikini or in swimming trunks on a meadow.
Nowadays, we are surrounded by an ever-increasing amount of artificial electromagnetic fields on a daily basis. This includes not only mobile phones and WLAN hotspots but also electricity from LEDs, power lines, charging cables, and all electrical devices in the home.
People who experience symptoms such as headaches, concentration difficulties, sleep problems, lack of energy, and depression in direct connection with electromagnetic fields are called electrohypersensitive. They could also be called the “early warning systems of our time” because they sense the effects of electrosmog. For harmful is an excess of EMFs, as we experience it today, for every human being. However, most do not associate their complaints with the smartphone on the bedside table or the Bluetooth radio in the car. Therefore, the number of unreported cases of electrohypersensitivity is probably very high.

2. Why is the topic so interesting for you?

My answer to this question may be surprising and I have to elaborate a bit. I’ve wanted something like a “cell phone” since I was a child. But at that time it didn’t exist or only as a car phone (I’ll be 43 soon ;-)). When it finally came, I typed SMS like crazy and a walk without my beloved cell phone was no longer conceivable. With WLAN and the first smartphones, it was then completely done around me. Every new gadget that worked wirelessly and supposedly gave me more independence was a must-have.
However, my enthusiasm for all wireless technologies was abruptly over when I got an extreme headache in 2017 from using Bluetooth headphones. Of course, I didn’t want to believe the connection between my pain and the AirPods at first. Then, a little later, when I couldn’t hold my brand new iPhone in my hand without a headache and feeling restless, it was impossible to deny it: I had become electrohypersensitive. In the time that followed, I then delved deeper into the subject of EMFs and their effects on our bodies. I also developed strategies to alleviate my symptoms and still be able to use technology in a healthy way. Today, I am passionate about educating people about the dangers of EMFs, helping people protect themselves and alleviate their symptoms without having to return to the Stone Age.

3. My Daily Detox looks like what?

Besides electromagnetic fields, we are surrounded by a lot of other environmental toxins in our modern world. The most important thing is therefore to minimize this flood of pollutants as much as possible. For me, this includes, for example, buying food from organic sources and using certified natural cosmetics and natural cleaning agents such as dishwashing liquid and all-purpose cleaners.
I also help my body a little bit every day to get rid of toxins that still creep into it despite my best efforts. To do this, I cleanse my tongue every morning with an Ayurvedic tongue cleanser and then drink a glass of lukewarm water with the juice of a lemon or lemon essential oil. After that, stimulate my lymph flow with dry brush massages, essential oils, and trampoline jumping. Right now I also take zeolite regularly to quickly get rid of heavy metals that we are exposed to even outside, in the fresh air.

A healthy sleep routine is also very important to me, as our body detoxifies mainly at night. For this, it needs a lot of rest and enough deep sleep phases. For me, this means avoiding blue light from the TV and computer from 8 p.m. onwards as much as possible or using blue light blocking glasses, occupying myself with positive things in the evening, focusing on what I am grateful for, and then going to bed by 10 p.m. at the latest.

4. What does digital balance mean to you?

With the first smartphone I had, I was especially excited about being able to save an incredible amount of time by being online all the time. On the commuter train, I could use my time to make transfers, write emails, store for new sneakers, and catch up on the latest nutrition trends. In the gym, I quickly added a few things to my Amazon shopping list between exercises and looked at how the weather is supposed to be over the weekend. And in the evening, in bed, I compared prices for the next supposed “must-have” handbag and checked Facebook. For me, the opposite means digital balance 😉 That is, to use the smartphone or tablet only in situations where it is really necessary. E.g. for an urgent phone call on the road or googling for directions.
Today my iPhone battery lasts 3 days as it is in flight mode most of the day and I do as much as I can on my PC. I can still be reached through call forwarding to my landline.
Anything I want to research or do online goes on a handwritten list for me, which I then work through on the laptop at specially reserved times. As a result, I am exposed to much less radiation, reduce my screen time, work more effectively, and don’t get distracted as quickly by incoming messages or phone calls. I have been able to extremely alleviate my electrohypersensitivity with this approach, among others.
It’s also a real blessing to be able to spend S-Bahn and subway rides, and waiting times in general, the way I used to: reading a book, watching my fellow passengers, or just letting my mind wander.

5. How can I imagine coaching with you?

My coaching sessions take place online via Zoom or by phone. For clients who are not (yet) electrohypersensitive, but still want to protect themselves from electrosmog, I help them to recognize sources of danger in their home and wherever they spend the most time. Many such sources often remain unrecognized and are constantly emitting without being expected. An example of this are streaming devices for e.g. TVs or even speaker boxes. Even if WLAN is completely deactivated, some of these devices set up their own WLAN network. This is then always active, even if a LAN cable is connected.
Since everyone has different requirements for dealing with technology, I work out individual solutions together with my clients. This way electrosmog can be reduced and technology can be used cleverly.
If they already experience symptoms related to EMFs, I also help them to find out which devices and radiation sources trigger which kind of complaints. In the second step, we then work out solutions to reduce exposure as much as possible. Since electrohypersensitivity is very often also related to a vital substance deficiency and toxin exposure (e.g. heavy metals and chemicals), I also advise them on avoiding pollutants, detoxification, and nutrition. 


Here Julie Boenig gives valuable tips for testing for everyone. Against electrosensitive symptoms. 

The simplest and first step to reduce electrosmog is to switch off the in-house WLAN, at least at night. If you want to go one step further, connect all devices that are connected to the Internet to a LAN/Ethernet cable. This way, WLAN can remain deactivated during the day. It is even possible to connect smartphones and tablets to LAN via an adapter.

I also recommend generally doing without Bluetooth and using the speaker for phone calls with the cell phone. The device should be at least 30 cm away from the body. If this is not possible, a special headset with trachea technology can also be used.

In my free Daily Detox Guide, there are more tips on how to protect yourself and your precious body in general from environmental toxins and also from unnecessary electrosmog and how to use technology cleverly.


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