Gameification ideas against our digital habits

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Gamification is a strategic attempt to experience something while playing. - Basically: It makes learning fun. Ideas against our digital habits exist already - We have listed coaching on our website, Events, books, Podcasts etc. Now we introduce two different approaches with gamification ideas. One comes from the Netherlands and the other idea comes from Indonesia. Unpluq created an Application to win back personal time, and eyeConnect manufactures a brand-new card game to enhance communication again.

  • What is Gamification?
  • Our digital habit change, from 2018 to 2021
  • What approach does eyeConnect have?
  • What gamification idea offers Unpluq?
  • Why is the game/app so special?

What is Gamification - in short

The main idea is to learn something while playing. To be more specific, any game-like action is leading to a process, which can educate someone. The reason it's getting more famous is, because it entertains the participant while adding gaming elements to a usually non-game activity. New knowledge, new habits or new skills can therefore be trained much faster than usual.

Our digitalhabit change in the last years

To start with a scientific approach, our team has collected different data from the year 2018 and compared them to the year 2021. For more researches, please click here.

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Those numbers stand for our daily internet consumption and the ongoing rise. We spend more time online, the daily internet use is rising (numbers from Germany), the investment and the money behind it is rising, our entertainment is switching from offline to online and social media users are growing. Overall, It seems like we are losing human interaction. Speaking scientifically, long-term research needs at least 17 years before getting results. When taking the publishing of the first iPhone as a starting point, the first long-term results will occur in the next years. This list tries to create attention and shows a slightly overview on digital trends.

For our research, we met two independent entrepreneurs, which we would like to introduce today. eyeConnect by Nini Fritz from Bali in Indonesia and Tim Smits from Unpluq.

Which approach does eyeConnect have?

2. Digital Detox Conference“With the knowledge you have today, what advice would you give your younger self ten years ago?” – With a question like this, a new card game from eyeConnect has been developed in order to support social interaction. The gamification idea is helping to build an offline social network and distract someone from their phone. This is the idea behind the card game, Nini explained in a conference from October 2022. 180 conversation questions, in six different connection levels support and feed human interaction. It’s a great way to interact with friends, teams, family or even get to know strangers. Avoiding small talks and skipping to the fun and meaningful thoughts of a person can be seen as a great starter for a real conversation.

This board game is an approach to educational learning to enhance personal communication skills. The goal is to enhance engagement with humans and to inspire people. It helps you to disconnect from your phone and to connect with the people around you.

People miss real human interaction, just like a simple smile and true meaningful laughs with each other. There are different ways to approach this common issue, but the reconnection with other people is always part of it. Reconnect to Disconnect to No Regret – people have only one lifetime and we should use it to work with it in the best individual way as possible. There are guidelines in books available, there are professional coaching techniques and there are motivated people to face this issue differently. A card game like this is just a great idea and was missing so far.

Tha gamification idea from Unpluq

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Unpluq is a company from the Netherlands and their idea is reduced online time with a special Application. This app improves personal productivity and the quality of sleep, by being in charge (once again) of your own time. Balancing the time with digital devices, Tim tells us that customers can reduce with the app up to 78 minutes a day.

Unpluq makes accessing any pre-chosen app harder on purpose - in a fun and active way. Before an individually set up App can be opened, Unpluq will request a simple task from you, like requesting a short action from you. The newest gadget is a physical tag, which makes phone users even more active by combining the virtual world with a tangible object. The app is available for Androids and for Apple (iOS) smartphones. The best part is that it comes in a free version, which is perfect for a try out.

Why is it so special

Because it is a different attempt to tackle an undeniable issue. Every human is individual unique and every person does have different opinions, learning motivations and interests. The two explained tools are new versions to reach more people and to generate more awareness about digital time. While the app from Unpluq can help save personal time, the card game from eyeConnect is a way to connect people in real life again.