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Do people know Digital Detox? And why Digital Detox?

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Within the research of “Why Digital Detox Team” you will find more positive than negative aspects. Our Team has collected some of the data’s and summarized them for you. Some points may change during the time, but for a short overview it will help to guide you.

How many people know Digital Detox?

do people know digital detox - why digital detoxFor a meaningful start, we first wanted to scientifically determine how many people are familiar with the term Digital Detox. To determine this, we asked over 400 people this question anonymously in the summer of 2022. In our study, we were able to determine that 83% had already heard the term Digital Detox. Overall, nearly 63% claim to know what Digital Detox is all about. However, almost 16% have never heard of the term and have no idea what it means. It can thus be concluded that the vast majority have at least heard the term before. Since there is no uniform definition of Digital Detox and since the term and the tasks are always changing (keyword VUCA world), the level of knowledge can differ for each person.  

          1. Work-Life-Balance

          More often, you might have heard of this phrase. Talking about Work-Life Balance means talking about self wellbeing. The daily work should not be considered as a necessary evil, it should be seen as part of our life’s. It supports us and strengthen us in our daily activities. Building a digital wellbeing at work, will enhance the knowledge of employees private life at the same time. This balance will motivate people and being more aware of their digital spend time. As a team, Digital Detox can inspire your Team and make them more happy.

          2. Personal Health

          Continuing to the first point, the personal happiness and health will be rising. Digital Detox is proven for a higher wellbeing feeling and for personal relaxation. Because of the ongoing over stimulation, our brain is running a daily marathon. Our body is missing a complete pause. Because of that, the question of Why Digital Detox Team Events? It will always part of individual health setting. Recognizing the dangers in good time and taking preventive measures, such as Digital Detox, ensure a more relaxing private life.

          3. Personal Time saving

          Within the development of Digital Detoxing, the Lecture of the University of Kempten, Germany, Arne Kubecka made a simple calculation. Taking an example of not using the phone for 30 minutes per day at work will enhance social competencies within the team or strengthen the concentration during work time. The daily check of the smartphone can also be reduced, and the original 30 minutes less mobile phone can result in higher work productivity. Ignoring your phone for a certain time at work, will show the team, that they still survive without the smartphone. 

          4. Effectiveness – Higher Concentration and Focus

          Building on the third point, a waiver should also increase effectiveness. This obvious point is crucial for complex work tasks. Put the focus on a single task without being influenced from outside. With the help of a digital detox, personal skills are to be increased.

          Why Digital Detox can be helpful to you and your team? Mainly, your Team has to figure it out by learning by doing. Starting with the awareness helps is the first step. 

          Why Digital Detox for your team

          why digital detox team

          5. Increasing social competency

          As radical as it may sound, a team that communicates more with each other gets along better. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that more friendships will develop, but you will get to know each other better. As a team member, knowing that my colleague likes to play video games with their children can reduce inhibitions when I need their help. The personal touch then comes voluntarily from the colleague, so you can regulate it yourself, but strengthen the entire team.

          6. Developing Self Confidence

          We humans need social contacts. Mankind is currently communicating more anonymously online, and the problem of reaction time arises. Messages can be interpreted incorrectly (even if a message is not answered), the response is delayed and the actual message may lose its right to exist, or a transmitted message is simply overlooked. Many simple problems can be avoided with face-to-face communication.

          7. Creativity

          If we have a problem today, we all know how and where to look for solutions. It is certainly helpful if a backpacker wants to know when Michael Jackson died, again on Friday night at 11 p.m. (June 25, 2009, just googled it), but new problems require creative problem-solving. Thinking “outside the box” and developing new tasks are close and yet so far apart.

          8. Prevention of Addiction

          As is so often the case, a healthy dose is important. When do you know if you are addicted? Mostly too late. The positive benefits of digitization are obvious, but the dangers are not immediately apparent. Digital Detox can serve as a constant check. If even short periods of waiver lead to discomfort, this is a sign of a risk of addiction. Check some more information here, this article was explaining it in the year 2012. 

          There are certainly many more points to consider and for this reason. Please send us further points in order to get even more informative value. The aim of the article is to show the benefits of digital detox and to answer the question: Why Digital Detox Team Events can help all.

          why digita detox team