Suicide and digitalization

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suicide and digitalization

Suicide and Digitalization

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The Digitalization has brought many positive things in our lifes.  Unfortunately, not all effects are positive. Suicide thoughts, attempts and plans have increased recently. From 8% in 2012 to over 13% in 2017. The increasing number for suicide thoughts are linked to 12-25 year young people. Our next generation. 

suicide and digitalization

This numbers clearly shows the connection between smartphone use and the thoughts. Both numbers are rising and therefore a presumption can be done. 

The current stage of knowledge between depression thoughts and digitalization:

  • smartphone users are prone to suicide, cyberbullying and stress. 
  • screen time and anxiety are linked to each other
  • in the US, screen time and suicide are being related and confirmed to each othe
  • Predictions: Covid will increase this numbers

All ressources are seen below. 

Suggestion on this topic:  Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


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Suicide and Digitalization

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