Screen time

Screen time can be explained as the online time spend. How many hours do you spend in front of a screen? Let´s face it, Corona (Covid-19) enhance this number, and we all have experienced it. Starting from the first phone interaction in bed, followed by numerous hours of working online and for the after work we are limited to Netflix and Co. Consequently, screen time can destroy social relationships and enhances fatigue. Digital mental health coaches are well trained and experienced to support people with this change.

What is addiction and why screen time is important to control?

The American Psychiatric Association explains addiction as an uncontrolled use of substances with harmful consequences. It causes a change in personality, abnormal movements and often brain damage. That are the costs of feeling shortly better or less bored. The numbers are undeniably increasing. Bankmycell has proven that in a short overview 2018. We spend more time with especially our phones then ever before. This increases anxiety, stress, narcissism, lack of motivation and more. Nobody can tell all side effects so far.

TV, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, VR-glasses and more

If we know something, then that there is a change. This change is ongoing and won´t be stopping. Technology is good but can be harmful when losing control of it. The issue is, that humans need 20 years of research to conduct long term effect, and that is an problem, as the first iPhone was introduced in 2007. Nowadays, the internet became our work, our university, our entertainment and our amusement. From library to pornography, from social connection to social disconnection. Being aware of that problem is the first step. Many coaches offer free calls or tests for you, check them out.

Who are in threat to be screen time addicted?

First, people with no internet are the least addicted… But as previously mentioned, this can not be the solution. Karine Galland from Paris, France, are describing people with no daily rhythm are being the most affected. She provides examples like unemployed, retired people, students, entrepreneur, traveler and so on. People with more daily rhythm seem to be more in control. Overall, it is hard to say, but with every addiction, the screen time addiction can catch everyone.

And now?

Screen time affects all of us and we are already part of it. To be aware helps many people already to control their habits, to enhance their sleep and to live mor healthy. As screen time is linked to our mental health, a balance is required to enjoy the real life. Fact is that screen time is increasing, and we need the internet often for our daily tasks. Hence that, Covid-19 will increase the negative side effects and some of them will come even years later. In case you feel lonely and spend to much time without personal interaction, please find this text as a warning. Many people are experts on this issue and researching within this field since years. Listen to science and research and help yourself before it is too late. Avoiding mental health issues, which includes digital mental health, is appreciating the real live.

screen time

Our screen time is our life time

screen time