6 Digital Trends

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6 Digital Trends

Education is the power! By knowing the future technology, people are not being surprised and we can decide, if and how we should use those tools. To understand the digital trends can help to be improve of our future digital habits. For this reason, let´s take a brief look at 6 digital trends, which are already in progress.

#1. Metaverse

Facebook´s leader Mark Zuckerberg is heavily investing in a program called metaverse. What is it and how can we imagine it? As it is not existing yet, it is hard to answer these questions. Overall, the idea is to create a complete virtual world, a place where people can move, play, and even work together. The biggest difference to the virtual world we already know is, that if one metaverse-user is changing something, it will affect the whole metaverse “World” and stay like this. Just like the real world.  

The Verge – https://www.theverge.com/22588022/mark-zuckerberg-facebook-ceo-metaverse-interview

#2. Self-driving cars

Sooner or later, self-driving cars will be part of our daily lives. Other than metaverse, self-driving cars exist already. The reason why it is not available yet (and not soon predicted) is mainly because of the ethical questions. Okay, the technic might not be perfect now, but there are already significant tests made in many countries. The ethical issues hinder the companies, the governments, and the investors to predict a specific date yet. But it will be coming, almost all experts agree on that. 

Market Watch – https://www.marketwatch.com/story/you-will-not-be-traveling-in-a-self-driving-car-anytime-soon-heres-what-the-future-will-look-like-11623866219

#3. Blockchain

You can see it as a digital ledger of a transaction, which is duplicated to the entire network. Take a transaction as an example, the transaction occurs on the blockchain, which means it is seen in the entire network. Instead of going from A to B, it goes more like from A to C to D… to Z and B. On the one side, it is super hard to track the route, but on the other side, it is secure and anonymous, as all information is being controlled by more than one chain. Blockchain has the potential to become the first worldwide currency. Seen already with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Euromoney Learning – https://www.euromoney.com/learning/blockchain-explained/what-is-blockchain

#4. Digital War:

The number of hackers around the world is significant rising, the amount of fake news as well, and that elections are being manipulated is no longer secrete in the world. Cyber Security and attacks are the next future war. As the American fear the Russians, China, and North Korea the most, the cyber war has been started already. Now all countries are promising diplomacy first, but for how long? In this military field, less ethical questions (like at #2. Self-Driving cars) are being answered and not even asked. To understand the threat and the influence coming with it, will help to be more independent and less vulnerable.

DW – https://www.dw.com/en/next-major-war-will-be-very-different-pentagon-chief/a-57395358

#5. Human as a tool:

Smartphones, Tablets or Computers are less likely to use within the next 25 years. Our Hand becomes the only tool, that will control our digital devices, our voice is already used for digital Interaction (just like Siri), and Virtual Reality (VR) will limit our physical interaction in real life. Step by step, the Human will become the tool itself. This will influence our education, our work life, and the way how we communicate with each other.

Secure Future – https://www.kaspersky.com/blog/secure-futures-magazine/earth-2050-future-work/28219/

#6. 4D Printing:

We are excited about the current development of the 3D printing. But the 4D printing is already being in progress. A 4D Print will print a 3D objective, which can change the structure if you add for example heat, light or moister to it. Therefore, it is seen as an intelligent Print, that can adopt their environment. You can call it a Self-Programming- Material. That sounds like future digital trends, but adoptable material will be more effective for humans and first practices are in progress.

TED Talks – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihR9SX7dgRo

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As digital detox is not understood as prohibiting or limiting technological developments (such as digital trends), we must understand the future as soon as possible. Only if we have a rough idea of what comes next and what technology will affect our lives, we are able to adopt as soon as possible. Is spending time in a virtual reality good, if loosing personal contacts? Who´s mistake is it, when self-driven cars are being involved in a deadly crash, and how much technology do I want in my body? Being aware of those questions, helping to limit the future negative outcomes from the beginning. Because in some time from now, the future digital trends are no more trends.  

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