Digital Detoxing Challenge

- 12 Digital Detox Challenges for 2023 -

It’s not about bans, it’s about challenging yourself. Our idea of Digital Detoxing Challenge is to try out new things, reflecting yourself and strengthen social skills. Whats the worst that can happen? – You find out more about yourself and spend at least less time on digital devices. 

#1 Invite Friends

Invite your friends over for a drink. Put your phones on the table and whoever looks at their phone first loses.

#2 Silence

Absolute relaxation. Meditate for 15 minutes. Just try it. For help, you can find many tutorials on Youtube. 

#3 Restaurant

There are already the first restaurants where guests receive a discount if they do not use a cell phone during their stay. Try to consciously not use your cell phone and enjoy your meal and the conversations with your companions. 

#4 Thursdays - Challenge

To begin with, it must be said that it can be any day of the week. The idea is to choose one day and to consciously abstain from cell phones and the like from 10 p.m. on. It always sounds easy until you try to implement it.  

#5 WhatsApp

Calling is more personal and is also faster in most circumstances. Think about when to write a message and when to call. Speaking is a more personal communication than writing.   

#6 Social Media

Put yourself or your friends in front of a very popular digital detox challenge. The task is to abstain from using electronic devices for 2 hours during the course of a day. A little tip: If several people join in with you, it’s even easier for one of you.  

#7 Leave the house without a phone

Leave your home and don’t take your cell phone with you. Whether you’re shopping, exercising or even taking out the trash – your cell phone is never far away. Simply don’t take it with you and be more aware of the environment. 

#8 Self reflection

Visit a café and make a conscious decision not to take your smartphone with you.

Observe yourself doing this. How do you feel when you leave home without your smartphone?

Christina Feirer

#9 Movie Night

Watch your favorite movie without using your phone even once. – Dr. Daniela Otto

#10 Music

Pick 3 songs, get comfortable and listen to your songs without distractions. Actually listening to music and not just letting it play in the background is something that many people find difficult.  – Christian Hitzl

#11 Kill your phone!

Once in the coming week, manage to use your phone until the battery reaches 0%. This will even do your battery good and you will worry less during the day.

digital detox challenge

#12 Elefant

Our funniest challenge with yourself. Draw an elephant, you have 5 minutes.

Feel free to send us your drawings. They can hardly be worse than ours.