Digital Detoxing Challenge

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Digital Detoxing Challenge

Digital Detoxing Challenge

It’s not about bans, it’s about challenging yourself. Our idea of Digital Detoxing Challenge is to try out new things, reflecting yourself and strengthen social skills. Whats the worst that can happen? – You find out more about yourself and spend at least less time on digital devices. 

  • Friends

    Inite people to your home and have a drink together without smartphones. Place them all on the center of the table.

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  • Silence

    Meditate for 15 minutes. Try it out and find out more if you like it. It won´t kill you.

  • Elephant

    Our most funny challenge so far. You have 5 minutes to draw an elephant.

Send us the funny drawings!

  • Thursday?!

    Thursday Challenge means no phone after 9pm.

  • WhatsApp

    Call someone instead of texting. It is time saving and more social.

  • Social Media

    Two hours no Social Media. Take the time and talk to a friend.

  • Smartphone

    Leave the house once without your smartphone.

Digital Detoxing Challenge

  • Movie

    Watch your favorite movie without looking at your smartphone.. - Dr. Daniela Otto

  • Music

    Choose 3 songs, sit down and listen to them without any disruption. - Christian Hitzl

  • Kill your phone!

    Kill your phone! Let your battery get to 0% once within this week. - Digital Detoxing

  • Restaurant

    Talk to your friend and avoid using your smartphone at the restaurant.

digital detoxing challenge

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