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Digital Detox Interview - from Digital Detoxing

Stacey Mckinna loves to travel and explore the world. Owning only what could fit in her backpack and traveling around the world taught her how little she needs. With that minimalist lifestyle, she wants to help and inspire others. For that and many more reasons, we have asked Stacey five questions about her and her retreat project Winkchronicity. Have fun with our digital detox interview. 

Don't sleep with your phone by your bed - get a real alarm clock. If you are more adventurous, put it in another room!
Stacey Mckinna

digital detox interview

  1. What makes you angry, thinking about our digital habits?

I try not to get angry about things as this is not how I can come from a point of making changes. I know that there is great power in being Neutral and I try to make an impact with that energy. Taoism calls it “The Way”. One of the most significant areas of concern for me is that we do not know the impact our digital dependence will have on younger generations. When you ride a bike, your legs get stronger. In the same way, when you use your brain for what it is designed to do best: storing memories, solutions, ideas, decisions, directions, and what is the best way to achieve something, you are strengthening it like a muscle. My generation grew up without cell phones and was able to develop our mental muscles.  I sense what will happen if the younger generation does not develop this same strength –   what if they do not know how to survive without an external object to answer all of their thoughts? Where will they be without it?  

  1. Why should we live in digital balance?

Life will always be an act of balance and digital balance will feel more peaceful for us. When you have not learned to live without technology, it’s hard to find your way through life. To not do the same as everyone else, to live differently, is becoming more and more essential to everyday life. One way to know if you are out of balance with technology is to ask yourself how it makes you feel to be on it all the time. This is a very crucial way of knowing if you have lost your life balance. Are you feeling anxiety, stress, worry, or overwhelmed?  Knowing you are out of equilibrium is the key to getting back into it. Detoxing will help, like putting a time limit on your usage and making sure to log off. Going into nature and sitting with a tree, listening to a stream, going for a walk, and cooking without using technology are some ways to keep more balance. Doing something fun and especially laughing is useful for taking your mind off of what you might be missing.

  1. Your personal motivation in doing what you are doing is…

My personal motivation for teaching digital detox is to give away the gifts I have been given from the way I have lived my life, without owning a phone for 9 years. It has given me peace, a strong memory, reliable intuition, and an ability to focus and search within myself for answers. We all have access to an amazing abundance of information yet we are so unfulfilled. I would love to teach people to follow their inner guidance to bring peace and clarity to their lives and also to teach mindfulness and how to engage in the present moment. I have met so many people that have such anxiety without their phone and also so many people who feel the same about it. I am eager to pass on what I have learned and my lived experience to help with this.

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  1. In your opinion, who needs digital detox the most? And why?

Young people are the most in need of digital detox as they have not been given the tools to handle all of the technology we use daily, especially the emotions it gives them. They do not know a different experience. It has become normal to feel anxiety, stress, and to be overwhelmed. That being said, technology has spread to a wider scope of people than only the younger generation and screen time is at an all-time high.


  1. What makes you special as a Digital Detox Coach?

I have lived without a phone and internet connection for nine years and want to show others what’s possible with less or zero technology! I have become an expert at living what I teach. I love to work with people in nature to help them reconnect and slow down. This came about in 2009 when I had a Nokia phone and I liked a guy. I noticed I was checking it all the time to see if he sent me a message and that this external object was creating many emotions that I would not normally have with a landline. I called my friend to discuss this and told her I didn’t like it. Within 2 weeks the phone was lost and I felt relieved! In 2010, I went traveling to New Zealand and Australia and my Mom asked if I would get a phone so she could contact me and I did. Upon arrival in Canada, I got rid of it. At first, when you go against the grain, stand out, and do things differently, you feel resistance. It takes courage and the more I lived this way, the happier I felt. I was not paying money to be distracted and I felt like I had control of my time. To me, this is a great success. 

 Our Team thanks Stacey for the digital detox interview and to get some more information, feel free to check out her website (see below).

digital detox interview

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Dream With Your Eyes Open

HELLO my dream is ® Inspiring and empowering people to believe in their own potential to achieve their dreams. I help both children and adults to uncover their intuition and abilities to solve problems without technology. Teaching practical tools and slowing life down by connecting with nature gives back balance. Sharing and spreading kindness creates good in a whole new way. I teach a unique process to share dreams at a time when it's needed most in the world.