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Digital Detoxing Facts (14)
These 20 Digital Detoxing facts were collected for a better understanding. It proofs the change in our society and makes people aware of the subject of Digital Detox. In summary, the facts cover new symptoms, showing the individual rise of internet consumption, predictions are made and provide facts issues for teenagers. Each of the 20 Digital Detox Facts is linked to the related study. To get more information, simply click on the link and you will be forwarded.
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  1. Daily mobile use worldwide was almost 4 hours. faz.net, January 2020
  2. 60 % of the whole internet consumption is made with phones. SysGen Experience It

  3. The Philippines are the highest number of phone users in the world. The average use is almost 10 hours daily. Datareportal 2020 
  4. In the year 2023, it is predicted that in India will be more than 700 million phones. It will be a plus of 40 % compared to 2019. McKinsey India, March 2019 

  5. Only 9% of companies will reduce digital transformation investment because of Covid-19. To compare, other sectors have a reduction of 60%. PWC, United Stated 
  6. About 37% of young teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied. This statistic is from 2018. Cyberbullying Data 2019 

  7. Female teenagers are more addicted to the internet. Average use of 23,6 hours for private weekly use. BZGA  Studie zur Drogenaffinität 2019 (GERMAN)
  8. 59% of all people in the world have access to the Internet. statista.com 

  9. Most of the news has shifted towards online social media. Fake news is, therefore, easier, faster, and with fewer barriers to spread alike. Researchgate 
  10. The use of Social Media increases personal stress. Social Media is used for everything from customer service to politics and therefore resembles an endless stream of stress. BBC 

  11. 35% of all Germans are unable to divide between private and work-related communication. starting-up-de (GERMAN) 
  12. 60% of all companies have no long-term strategy for their internal communication. workforce.com 

  13. Symptoms of internet addictions are e.g. loneliness, neglect of personal tasks, or irritability. netdoktor.de (GERMAN) 
  14. Frequent phone use can disrupt sleep. 7summitpathways.com

  15. FOMO, fear of missing out. Because of the constant internet consumption, people want to or have the feeling to keep up with others all the time. It is a kind of competition without winning. verywellmind.com
  16. We pick up cell phones 200 times a day on average. (2021) DW Documents

  17. Video Game Addiction is classified by WHO as an illness on a par with Cocaine use. World Health Organisation – 2018
  18. Almost Half Of The Respondents´ Screen-Time Has Increased Since The Pandemic. YouGov

  19. Video Game Addiction is classified by WHO as an illness on a par with Cocaine use. WHO quoted from The Economic Times
  20. 30% of college students in the US are currently depressed (2021) TreatmentIndia 2021

  21. Over 210,000 URLs contained images and videos of underage victims in 2021. InternetAdvisor
  22. On average, people spend 29 minutes on Instagram and share 400 million Stories a day. BroadbandSearch

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