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digital detox team uk There are many people who lose themselves too much in the digital world and no longer perceive the world outside it. Many coaches and institutes have already dedicated themselves to this topic and have years of experience. In this chapter of Digital Detox UK, we have made a listing of all UK coaches. All coaches, institutes, and seminars are briefly introduced and the type of training (whether online or offline) is marked. 

The world map has all coaches marked, so you can quickly find the right training option in your area. Apart from that, you will find contact details and all links to the websites. Have fun with it!

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digital detox team uk

school of the wild logo
➢ Brighton, United Kingdom

School of the wild

Wellbeing and Digital Detox

Spend the day away from screens, for a significant energy boost

Coaching Option:
➢ London, United Kingdom

Fresh Perception

Is Appsturbating, FOMO, and Nomophobia

Suffering from FOMO? Is furiously Appsturbating keeping you up at night? Concerned your Nomophobia is controlling your health, wellbeing, and productivity? Here's how to tap out…

Coaching Option:
Online✓ Offline✓
➢ Central Park London, United Kingdom

Walk Coach

Individual or in Teams

Coaching to help you feel more confident, less stressed and able to embrace change.

Coaching Option:
➢ London, Unidet Kingdom

Colin Corby

The Digital Detox Coach

The Digital Detox Coach’ for a more healthy, sustainable and rewarding life with technology.

Coaching Option:
Online✓ Offline✓

digital detox team uk

Coaches with Online or/and Offline Options. 

Teambuilding for groups. Enhance Digital Balance. 

From America to Europe and Asia. All Hotels at a glance.

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