Stress and the Internet

“Digital Detox is not about forbidding, it is about digital mental health.”

Stress is part of our society and unfortunately, this is an ongoing trend. The connection between stress and the internet is confirmed. We people are getting more stressed and less focused. As we are living in a VUCA World, changes are happening all the time.

  • Volatility, rapid and dynamic change in the world
  • Uncertainty, hard to predict the future
  • Complexity, influenced by various factors
  • Ambiguity, more than one interpretation needed

Phones are enhancing the feeling of stress and the use of any Social Media Networks, like Instagram, Facebook etc. are part of it. More various Social Media channels are being developed. Hence to that, more people find attraction in social Media channels and therefore, more people are using the phone.

Being aware of the daily spend hours are the first step. Self-control and self-awareness are the first step to minimize stress. The stress and the internet are being made by humans and long-term effects are being controlled. Long-term effects are being scientifically announced after 20 years.  The first IPhone was published 2007. Less then 20 years. Therefore, we the humans need to find the right phone use.

Stress and the Internet


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Stress and the Internet