Digital Detox Interview with Alistair Barton

Digital Detox Interview - plus Podcast Episode

Alistair has been curious about Perfection by himself and by others’ expectations. In 2020 he set up a brand called “Picking at Perfection” and he wants to help others to break down this perfect barrier. He is interested in understanding how people live their life and why they all searching for perfectionism. 

"I try and take regular breaks and time offline when it suits my business so I am not overexposed"

digital detox interview

  1. Straight away: What motivates you, doing what you do?

Connection. I think ultimately most people just want to make and feel part of a community and that is what I am striving to create at Picking at Perfection. Nothing inspires and motivates me more than standing at the front of a room, and seeing people nod and smile along to what I am saying. Seeing people online connect during workshops, seeing messages about how episodes have resided with them – it’s all about helping people and forming a group of like-minded individuals.

  1. Hosting a podcast, offering online workshops, and being present Online – What means digital awareness to you?

I think for me digital awareness is all about being conscious of my exposure to technology and the online world. I try and take regular breaks and time offline when it suits my business so I am not over exposed. I am also so careful with personal data, passwords etc. and encourage others to be just as cautious. I combine technology with nature to make the habit less unhealthy e.g. taking a walk outside whilst listening to a show, book or music.

  1. Thinking about digitalization. Is it helping people to achieve their goals or is it an obstacle?

I think there is no denying technology makes us more productive but it needs to be used in moderation. The concern for me comes when we overconsume and use technology for the wrong reasons. The obstacle becomes when we are distracted by new tools, buying new tech we do not need, or getting sucked into the social media black hole.

  1. What is it, that you like to achieve with your Idea of “Picking a Perfection”?

I would like to bring more awareness to mental wellbeing issues, encourage people to live a life true to them and to ultimately gain more freedom from conformity. Leading by example all the way and encouraging others to break free from society’s norms and expectations.


  1. You can change human behavior – what would you like to change. 

Judgment. People are too quick to judge and compare at this age. Fuelled by social media and flex culture, many people base their self-worth on the wrong things and compare themselves to unattainable categories. We mistake instant gratification for happiness, a difference that is key to feeling fulfilled in life.


Alistair Barton

Picking at Perfection

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