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Become a partner - We want to draw attention to the issue and at the same time refer to solutions

Unique Community

Each offer and each country has a certain contingent of offer placements. If you have a suitable offer, we would like to support you in marketing it. 

  • The goal is to create a worldwide community.

Content Marketing

Our team creates content on a regular basis and aims to target the right audience. With our partnership, we will network and promote joint posts on different channels. This can be done on social media, via posts, and via scientific elaborations. 

  • The goal is to maximize and target the right audience.

UX Design

Our website wants to connect people. For this reason, the content is kept simple. To find the right provider is the focus, for this reason, we do not want to place external advertising.

  • The goal is a quick orientation on the website and a link to the providers.  

Our team has taken on the task of supporting and strengthening the topic of Digital Detox. Costs for the integration arise from the programming, the securing of the data, and the individualization. If a provider is very active on social media, or if a provider wants to promote his offer on Google, we recommend our standard package. The choice is yours, we want to cover the costs with it first. Learn more about why we use which channels by scrolling all the way down.

As it is a University Project - All postings, links, and recommendations are for free! For Reservations and Questions send us a mail: info (at)

This is what awaits you!

Together loud

The issue of digital overconsumption needs more attention from the general population. 


Against endless scrolling and finding a suitable offer, the places are limited. 


Through synergy effects, Digital Detoxing aims to demonstrate various solutions. 


We use the algorithm and describe each offer together with you.  


We are very active on social media. You can be a part of it voluntarily. 


The website and social media will be boosted with paid promotion. 


Connect People to Reconnect


To become the world’s most important platform on Digital Detox for providers, experts and future users.


The service for the mediation of Digital Detox providers, is to be offered by attention in diverse categories, by synergy effects and with a complete price and location coverage in several languages. For this purpose, data must be constantly collected, elaborated and processed. This data is disseminated on various channels in order to be able to address a target group.

That is Digitat Detoxing for 2022!

As part of building Digital Detoxing, we have worked with many people. Different contributions are for a different target group and various people we want to direct to a certain page. Since we want to create trust as a transparent partner, here are our thoughts and goals for 2022. 

Social Media Marketing