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There are many people who lose themselves too much in the digital world and no longer perceive the world outside it. Many coaches and institutes have already dedicated themselves to this topic and have years of experience. In this chapter of Digital Detox Canada, we have made a listing of Canadian coaches. All coaches, institutes, and seminars are briefly introduced and the type of training (whether online or offline) is marked. 

digital detox canada

The world map has all coaches marked, so you can quickly find the right training option in your area. Apart from that, you will find contact details and all links to the websites. Have fun with it! If you want to find out more about experiences from people, please CLICK HERE

All Digital Detox Canada Coaches at a glance

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➢ Toronto, Canada

Digital Detox Canada


Digital Detoxification is a trend hitting most communities that have had digital access for several decades and speaks to the hidden and unspoken effects of the digital age. This detox eLearning will help you.

Coaching Option:
➢ Vancouver/ Squamish/ Whistler/ Vancouver Island, Canada

winkchronicity - Stacey Mckinna

Dream With Your Eyes Open

I use the term Dream Coach because I love inspiring people to go for their dreams. I can help you believe what you thought was not possible or did not think could be done. I also live very simply, I do not own a phone or a connection to the internet; I can help slow things down in your life or help with the Detox of digital altogether.

Coaching Option:
Online✓ Offline✓