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Digital Detox Conference 2022

6 PM (GMT +2) - 27. October 2022

All Digital Detox Events worldwide

The 2. Digital Detox Conference is arranged with the help of Picking at Perfection and the idea is to connect all suppliers together, to learn from each other and to build a community. For the online Event, a free registration and more information can be found HERE.

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13 October, Thursday 12:15-13:30 CET

Digital Wellbeing "Sexy Lunch" Workshop in Vevey (CH)

Description: Unpluggo hosts a workshop on Digital Wellbeing at The Work Hub, coworking space in Vevey. The format will be highly-interactive card game based on collective intelligence. More info and registration: HERE.

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6 October 2022

Phone Free Day

Join us on Phone Free Day challenge 2022 for a day where we use our phones mindfully. We know that your phone is a very useful tool, but let's just keep it a tool. How about trying However, a small change in your phone habits can have a BIG impact. For example, you could try - a phone-free hour after waking up More Information CLICK HERE.