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Why Digital Detox Italy?

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Known for its unique cuisine, Italy stands out, especially for its hospitality. Let yourself be pampered, find a place to relax, and simply experience Italy. For quick searches, we’ve created you Digital Detox Hotel Italy. A list of the four best places to live digitally abstinent. 

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Nature, silence and distance from the world

The Hermitage maintains the austere simplicity of ancient monasteries where time seems to stand still. Enjoy the luxury of the third millennium: Landscape, tranquility and spirituality.

What is Special?:
Digital Detox Program✓
Eremito 1
➢ Parrano, Province of Terni, Italy
➢ Villa Shanti Yoga, Marciana, Italy

Yoga Elba

For more enjoyment of life

Experience moments of freedom - full of movement - full of rest - full of pleasure. Spend time with the people who are important to you. Laugh, live and be happy.

What is Special?:
Sustainable Energy & Water✓

Castello di Ristonchi

Artist Farm

For nature lovers, for explorers and for hiking enthusiasts. This old castle is beautiful, renovated with love and the perfect place to relax and unwind.

What is Special?:
Event Location✓
➢ Località Ristonchi, Toskana, Italy
➢ Lana, Südtirol, Italy

Vigilius Mountain Resort

In sieben Minuten Stille

In the luggage: a hundred-year-old history of lived silence, in which little has changed to this day. The "Bahndl" is still the only way to get to the Vigiljoch.

What is Special?:
Sustainable Energy & Water✓

Why Digital Detoxing?

Digital Detox Italy

Our team collects the best hotels from Italy on the theme of digital mindfulness. The goal is to collect the most beautiful and the best hotels for you. Four hotels should represent a quick selection for you and prevent endless scrolling. For maximum independence of the hotels, you can get more information through the links. For sustainability reasons, we suggest booking directly with the hotelier. For more digital detox hotels, please CLICK HERE

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