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Digital Awareness

Our goal is to raise digital awareness on the one hand and offer solutions on the other. In our Digital Detox collection we have listed information and news. This collection is divided into four categories. This allows users, experts and interested parties to learn more about the topic of Digital Detox. Feel free to add missing information, as the collection is from Digital Detox users for Digital Detox users.

Our 4 Digital Detoxing Categories

#1. Digital Detox Interviews

digital detox interview
Experts answering questions

#2. Digital Detox Experience

digital detox experience
A Collection of Quotes and Experiences

#3. Digital Detox to do at home

to do at home
Challenges and tips for all

#4. Digital Detox Knowledge

digital detox knowledge
Research, Facts and more

Digital Detoxing

Connect People to Reconnect

Our goal is, that you find the right Digital Detox Training, which matches your needs. Feel less stress, develop your skills, feeling healthier and become more effective. Whether for yourself, for your team, as an event or for schools. It is not about renunciation, because that scares people. To enable digital awareness, it is important to provide the right information. And this will be our Job. We inform and collect all digital detox related data’s for you.

Digital Detoxing

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Our logo represents our understanding of digital awareness. The composition consists of the international WIFI sign and an exclamation mark. This combination is meant to define the awareness of our daily internet consumption. Under the motto: “Digital awareness” we want to draw attention to the danger of addiction related to Internet overconsumption. Recognizing a problem is the beginning and we want to present the right solution for you with the right coaches.

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