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Find your closest Digital Detox Team Event. Teambuilding is more important than ever – Take it as an opportunity for higher digital awareness. 

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Digital Detox Team - All Englsh speaking courses for Teams

➢ Brisbane, Australia

The Digital Detox Project

Unplug and Reconnect in Australia

Do you feel distracted & overloaded in today's 24/7 world? Are you anxious or restless when separated from your phone? Do you believe your team can reach greater heights with improved attention, creativity and resilience?

➢ London, Unidet Kingdom

Tanya Goodin

Its time to log off

A great opportunity with a digital entrepreneur and author! Make an impact of your screen dominated life.

➢ London, Unidet Kingdom

Colin Corby

The Digital Detox Coach

The Digital Detox Coach’ for a more healthy, sustainable and rewarding life with technology.

➢ Dublin, Ireland

Into the tripe

Digital Detox Agency

BUILD TEAM UNITY WITH A DIGITAL DETOX! Team building Digital Detox Team Building & Incentive Team Bootcamp Customized seminars Totally unplugged

➢ Brighton, United Kingdom

School of the wild

Wellbeing and Digital Detox

Spend the day away from screens, for a significant energy boost

➢ London, United Kingdom

Fresh Perception

Is Appsturbating, FOMO, and Nomophobia

Suffering from FOMO? Is furiously Appsturbating keeping you up at night? Concerned your Nomophobia is controlling your health, wellbeing, and productivity? Here's how to tap out…

➢ Clare Island, Clew Bay, Ireland

Irish Digital Detox

In the West of Ireland

Recharge yourself ! Take a break from your electronic devices at two of the most unique venues in Ireland • for groups of 6 – 10 people •

➢ Hanslope, United Kingdom


For Team Productivity

Digital Detox is the ideal way to revive your team’s productivity and boost their wellness.

➢ Himalaya, India

Kaleido AI


Mobile phone technology has become addictive. We are conditioned to compulsively use our phone. Only a small part of our screen-time is productive anymore. Most of us don't realize how much time we waste.

➢ Tamil Nadu, India

Bindiya Murgai

Mental Health Coach

Live Coaching, Speaker and Workshop.

➢ Dan Diego, California, USA

Screen Time Clinic

Digital Wellness Education

We believe learning healthy screen habits should be approached from a point of leadership within every community. We assist in helping schools & youth groups educate families, families guide children, and businesses support employees.

➢ Vancouver/ Squamish/ Whistler/ Vancouver Island, Canada

Stacey Mckinna

Dream With Your Eyes Open

I use the term Dream Coach because I love inspiring people to go for their dreams. I can help you believe what you thought was not possible or did not think could be done. I also live very simply, I do not own a phone or a connection to the internet; I can help slow things down in your life or help with the Detox of digital altogether.

➢ All around United States of America

Digital Wellness Institute

Certified Training

Together, we’re prioritizing wellbeing in a fast-paced world.

Coaches with Online or/and Offline Options. 

Teambuilding for groups. Enhance Digital Balance. 

From America to Europe and Asia. All Hotels at a glance.

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