Digital detox Hotels Asia

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digital detox hotels asia

Digital Detox Hotels Asia

Find the best Hotels with a Digital Detox Concept. The 4 best digital detox hotels in each Asian country.

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Digital Detox Hotels Asia

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Digital Detox Thailand

Parco by Bonanza, Thailand

Digital Detox Asia

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The place chosen at the National Park was no coincident. Khao Yai is flourishing with wildlife: elephants, deer, bears, monkeys and a host of birdlife. With luxury rooms is it the perfect spot for an digital detox.

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Golf of Thailand

Chiva Som

digital detox hotel india

The Haven of Life

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Digital Detox India

Goa, India

Yoga Retreat Eco Retreat

digital detox hotels asia

Swaying palm trees and Rajasthani silk flags fluttering high in the sky.

In a coconut grove, surrounded by a water creek and paddy fields, home to grazing buffalo and

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Bangalore, India

Shreyas Retreat

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At Shreyas, we imbibe this philosophy broadly, believing that "all are essentially divine" and our relationships with each other and especially our guests should reflect this. Our guests are lovingly served with unparalleled personalized attention by a staff that practices yoga and endeavors to embody this philosophy.

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Digital Detox Cambodia

Krong Kaeb, Kambodscha

Knai Bang Chatt


Knai Bang Chatt is the embodiment of an idea: that travel can be an art form. We believe that the majority of so-called travel is actually tourism: predictable, mass-produced, and ignorant of the world around it.

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Digital Detox Sri Lanke

Empogama, Sri Lanka


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Authentic, and beyond cool.

Ulpotha is a traditional agricultural community in the jungle heartland of Sri Lanka, offering guests world class yoga in an incomparably beautiful setting as close to nature as is humanly possible.

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Digital Detox Indonesia

West-Papua, Indonesia


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Being from this part of the world and therefore deeply understanding the enormous complexity of local traditions ,we believe we understand some of the true issues and are in a position to help solve some problems in a direct, no-nonsense approach.

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Bali, Indonesia


ayana digital detox

For 24 years AYANA Hotels has been recognized as an Indonesian hospitality leader, committed to ensuring the highest hygiene standards for our guests and team members throughout all facilities and aspects of service.

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Digital Detox Malaysia

Sungai Lembing, Malaysia

Time Capsule Retreat

digital detox MalaysiaThis small nature resort began as a simple retreat from the city for our family. In 2014, Kevin was inspired of the nature while he bringing a friends to visit a Sg Lembing to start a place that merge the nature and the luxury of the city

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digital detox hotels asia

Coaches with Online or/and Offline Options. 

Teambuilding for groups. Enhance Digital Balance. 

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