Digital Detox Experience

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Our Team collects Information and presents them in a short way for you. We are going to answer the following questions: What are the characteristics of a digital detox? What is digital detox good for and what are digital detox potentials? Who needs a digital detox and who does not? What are the digital detox experiences?

digital detox experience

To gain a digital detox experience, we must define what digital detox is. The “digital” clearly stands for the technology that connects and interact with machines and humans. The word “detox” defines a period, which cleans your body. That cleaning is done for personal health and to improve mental health. Let´s take a closer look and check a few characteristics, which are necessary to define digital detox:

  • Voluntary, intrinsic motivation
  • Measurable, to check success
  • Period, from time to time or set limits
  • Goal, to follow up in the future and to see development 
  • Individual, for the maximum of health orientation
  • Balance, it is not about prohibiting it is about digital balance

What is digital detox good for and what are digital detox potentials?

The answer seems simple, but it depends on the person set goals. Therefore, we have collected many reasons, what digital detox is good for:

  • Enhance social competency
  • Digital wellbeing
  • Connection in Real-Life
  • Stress reduces, Balance finding
  • Avoids illnesses, like depression
  • Active, more outgoing and open for new things

Who needs a digital detox?

The most important criterium is the active use of the internet. People who are not using Social Media Networks (like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.…), people who are not having a smartphone or not even using Computers, for this target group, no digital detox is needed. For almost all other people, a detox can help dealing with the Internet-Realtime balance. This is also defined as digital mental health or digital wellbeing. The information we have collected, this are the groups that require digital detox the most:

  • Office staff or office workers
  • Workers with human responsibility at work
  • Home Office worker
  • People with Obesity and/or overweight
  • Insecure people with less social competency
  • People living in big cities
  • Depressed and Stressed people
  • People with sleeping problems

What are the digital detox experiences?

Our Team tried to collect as many digital detox experiences as possible. After each enumeration, you can find the references. Simply click on the link, to get a deeper knowledge of each digital detox experience.

All in all, you can say that many people have made digital detox experiences yet, the experience can be different for everyone, but the positive sides are always greater than the negative side. Digital detox is not about prohibiting, it is more about control and balance. For that reason, we from want to connect people to reconnect.

Digital Detox Experience

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