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Thailand offers beach, recreation, culture, and incredible cuisine. Besides the rich beach offered in the south of Thailand, the north also offers a breathtaking landscape with a lot of cultures. So much choice, mixed with friendliness, vacationers will only be able to experience in a few countries. The mentioned culture is still lived by many people in temples. All these aspects can be found in Thailand, so this is a perfect place for all detox seekers!

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Die Wahl des Ortes im Nationalpark war kein Zufall. Khao Yai ist reich an Wildtieren: Elefanten, Hirsche, Bären, Affen und eine Vielzahl von Vögeln. Mit seinen luxuriösen Zimmern ist es der perfekte Ort für eine digitale Entgiftung.

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➢ Parco by Bonanza, Thailand
➢ Golf of Thailand, Thailand

Chiva Som

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Digital Detox Thailand

Our team collects the best hotels from Thailand on the theme of digital mindfulness. The goal is to collect the most beautiful and the best hotels for you. Four hotels should be a quick selection for you and prevent endless scrolling. For maximum independence of the hotels you can get more information via the links. For sustainability reasons, we suggest booking directly with the hotelier. 

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