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Why Digital Detox Indonesia?

A paradise for detox or retreat seekers. In Digital Detox Indonesia finds times more than Bali, this is the most famous island, but Indonesia has over 17,000 islands. A popular destination for mindful people, it boasts both mountains and beautiful beaches. Indonesia is the right place to experience serenity and at the same time do something for your soul. The phrase “Namaste” is not only said, but also lived. 


After Native Stay

Because we come from this part of the world and therefore have a deep understanding of the enormous complexity of local traditions, we believe we understand some of the real issues and are able to solve some problems with a direct, no-nonsense approach.

What is Special?:
Sustainable Program✓
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➢ West-Papua, Indonesia
➢ Bali, Indonesia


Luxury with healing touch

Recognized as a leading Indonesian hotel for 24 years, AYANA Hotels is committed to ensuring the highest standards of hygiene for our guests and team members in all facilities and aspects of service.

What is Special?:
Ideal for Special Events✓

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Why Digital Detoxing?

Digital Detox Indonesia

Our team collects the best hotels from Indonesia on the theme of digital mindfulness. The goal is to collect the most beautiful and the best hotels for you. Four hotels should be a quick selection for you and prevent endless scrolling. For maximum independence of the hotels, you can get more information via the links. For sustainability reasons, we suggest booking directly with the hotelier. 

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Coaches with Online or/and Offline Options. 

Teambuilding for groups. Enhance Digital Balance. 

From America to Europe and Asia. All Hotels at a glance.

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