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Find all offers for Digital Detox Hotels in Asia. India, Indonesia and Thailand are having their own website, just click on the images and follow the path. Additional offers from Asia are listed below, just scoll down.

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digital detox indonesia

All Digital Detox Asien offers - At a glance

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Digital Detox Cambodia

Knai Bang Chatt

The Essence of Kep

Knai Bang Chatt is the embodiment of an idea: that travel can be an art form. We believe that most so-called travel is actually tourism: predictable, mass-produced, and unaware of the world around it. Digital Detox Asia spot for you.

What is Special?:
➢ Krong Kaeb, Cambodia

Digital Detox Sri Lanka


Authentic, and beyond cool.

Authentic and more than cool. Ulpotha is a traditional agricultural community in the jungle area of Sri Lanka that offers its guests first class yoga in an incomparably beautiful environment that is as close to nature as it gets.

What is Special?:
Jungle feeling✓
➢ Empogama, Sri Lanka

Digital Detox Malaysia

Time Capsule Retreat

Next to mother nature

This small nature resort started as a simple retreat from the city for our family. In 2014, Kevin was inspired by nature when he visited Sg Lembing with friends to create a place that combines nature and the luxury of the city.

What is Special?:
Jungle feeling✓
➢ Sungai Lembing, Malaysia