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Why Digital Detox Mexico?

There’s not much more to write about Mexico as a travel destination, but the combination of Digital Detox and the country of Mexico does. A Digital Detox Mexico is possible from north to south, from west to east. The well-known places around Cancun/Tulum have a breathtaking culture to offer in addition to beautiful beaches. Of course, if you want to see more, there is a lot to discover in the 14th largest country in the world. 

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Rancho La Puerta

Embodying wellbeing

Challenge your body in fitness classes. Hike majestic mountain trails. Learn the latest in health, psychology, science, culture and cuisine.

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➢ Tijuana, Mexico
➢ Isla Holbox, Mexico

Tribu Hostel

Escape somewhere Tropical

If you haven't decided on your next destination yet, we might have the right place for you. Holbox Island is the perfect place to spend a few relaxing days on sandy beaches, biking and exploring the beautiful nature.

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Why Digital Detoxing?

Digital Detox Mexico

Our team collects the best hotels from Mexico on the theme of digital mindfulness. The goal is to collect the most beautiful and the best hotels for you. Four hotels should be a quick selection for you and prevent endless scrolling. For maximum independence of the hotels, you can get more information through the links. For sustainability reasons, we suggest booking directly with the hotelier. For more Digital Detox Hotels, please CLICK HERE

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