Digital Detox in Canada

Why Digital Detox in Canada?

Canada is huge and has many varieties to offer. Endless nature, super friendly people, and stunning moments to share. Crossing a street and seeing a bear on the other side seems normal in Canada. The perfect spot for climbing mountains, exploring national parks, and taking a swim in lakes. There is almost no other country in the world, that makes all this possible. The perfect spot for a social media break. 

Digital Detox in Canada - At a glance

Emerald Lake Lodge

Connect to nature

Disconnect from your busy life and reconnect with nature and your loved ones. Enjoy an electronics-lite experience with WiFi available only in the main lodge, limited cell phone service, and guest rooms without televisions. It is an immersion in peace that only Emerald Lake Lodge can provide.

What is Special?:
Surrounded by National Parks✓
canada emerald lake lodge
➢ Emerald Lake, Calgary
➢ Elephant Lake

Algonquin Eco-Lodge

Stress free Reservation

The Eco-Lodge is beautifully secluded amidst remote Algonquin Park forests, where even hydro lines and telephone poles can’t reach. We are completely off-grid and yet, with the alternative energy we create from our waterfall (we use 100% micro-hydro electricity), the Eco-Lodge still provides all the finer comforts.

What is Special?:
Naturally Perfect Holiday✓

Castle Mountain Chalets

For the Rest of Your Life

Welcome to the height of rustic sophistication and premium comfort at Castle Mountain Chalets. With panoramic views from each door step, You’ll find luxury Chalets and Suites that are fully equipped for your stay including Chalets and Suites with jet tubs, wood or gas burning fireplaces, full kitchen’s, and much more. Uncover the heart of the mountains with all you need to make your time in the Banff National Park truly memorable.

What is Special?:
Banff National Park✓
➢ Banff-Windermere Hwy, Alberta
➢ Ucluelet

WYA Point Resort

Experience the rugged, natural beauty of the west coast.

Wya Point Resort rests on pristine, private beaches surrounded by 600 acres of old-growth forest on Ucluelet First Nation’s traditional territory, welcoming visitors with luxurious lodge accommodations, waterfront yurts and beachfront camping. This natural, west coast adventure lodging is located only a few kilometres outside Ucluelet and minutes from the world-famous Pacific Rim National Park.

What is Special?:
Outstanding Accommodation Award✓

Why Digital Detoxing?

Digital Detox in Canada

Our team collects the best hotels from Canada on the theme of digital mindfulness. The goal is to collect the most beautiful and the best hotels for you. Four hotels should be a quick selection for you and prevent endless scrolling. For maximum independence of the hotels, you can get more information via the links. For sustainability reasons, we suggest booking directly with the hotelier. For more Digital Detox Hotels, please CLICK HERE

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