Digital Detoxing as Design Thinking Exapmple

The idea of Digital Detoxing was supported by the German Technical University in Weiden, Bavaria. Taking digital detox as an design thinking example, developed the idea and enhanced the understanding. And still, it is never done as it is an iterative process. image 2 1

The concept of Digital Detoxing was created with the use of Design Thinking Process.

  1. Understand the issue: Rise of internet consumption/less social contacts/need of personal growth/Team developement for action oriented learning approach.
  2. Challenge: Positive and Negative side effects of Digitization. Showing advantage of digital renunciation.
  3. Define: Scientific Information combining with personal need.
  4. Collect Information: Research within multidisciplinary concepts
  5. Prototyping: First attempts of digital detox holiday failed, because no long term effects seen.
  6. Final Outcome: Knowledge and understanding enhancing intrinsic motivation. Simple noted personal goals boosting willingness of each individually.
  7. Innovation: Digitization never stops and new facts are needed all the time.
digitale kommunikation

Christian Hitzl

"The digital world is great, but we need an awareness of its addiction"

After years of Basketball coaching, I worked as a Tour Guide around the world and for my Bachelor I developed an effective Team task within EscapeGames. Seeing a change in our society, which has pros and cons, I mainly focused on showing interest and enhancing awareness. The Focus on Digital Detox came along with many travels and the creation of the Website Durasno.EcoTravel. The enthusiasm within the field of competencies was done early in my live and I hereby want to let others be part of it. To fulfill the complete understanding of this subject, this idea was developed within my Master “Digital Entrepreneurship” at Technical University of Weiden in Germany. 

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